Data-Domain-1Data Domain

The Open River held a workshop that focused on exploring council business, service and program delivery problems in the research and data focus areas of climate change and community health, and the necessary data required to support both research and business outcomes. As a result of the workshop, four data themes were identified;

1. Foundational localised data
For research to be highly relevant at the local level (place) it became clear that a core set of localised data is required as the foundational piece of work, this would involve data such as local demographics, economic conditions, local weather etc.

2. Healthy water systems
Detailed data relating to the quality of water and the ecosystem of rivers that flow across council boundaries (e.g. Brisbane River, Logan River, Nerang River). Details also included of the ecosystem in a local area of the river, including the measurable characteristics such as water levels, water quality, rate of flow, bank condition, biodiversity, food webs, ecosystem adaptation to climate change, species counts etc., as well as man-made infrastructure such as weirs, levies, bridges, storm water run offs, and industrial sites.

Example research question from this theme;

  • In order to increase water quality, what are the investment options or actions that can be undertaken (either locally, or upstream)?
  • What are the properties of a water system that improve resilience and recovery outcomes when the ecosystem balance is disturbed?

3. Community engagement with public space
What public spaces exist in a local council area, including what amenities and features (heritage or cultural aspects, flora and fauna, shade, pests (plant and animal)) are in those spaces?

Example research question from this theme;

  •  What public spaces don’t exist (and what is latent demand)?
  • Which public spaces are being used (and why/why not)?
  • How do you make public spaces more attractive for citizens to use?
  • Is a community with local access to parks and green space more active and healthy?

4. Community interaction with public space and healthy water systems
Research at the intersection of the themes 2 and 3.


Data-Domain-2Data Type

Within each data theme a number of data types were recorded;

  • Environmental
  • Biological
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Health (Social)
  • Land Use
  • Recreational
  • Transport
  • Disease / Pest

Data-AreaData Area

The Open River labelled data within the following areas;

  • Freshwater
  • Estuarine
  • Marine
  • Terrestrial