We are always interested in hearing your research stories, feedback and comments. Listed below are a few ways you can help us improve Open River.

Become a collaborator

Join our current contributors and share your dataset with others. We have a levels of ‘openness’ from fully available raw data from our Logan River Catalogue to the contact details of researchers who are willing to share their data after a quick chat. (this is a brain spill, not edited).

Share Your Open Data success story

We would love to hear about your research project, research story, successes and programs. If you’ve used an open data source, we can also feature you in our case study section.

Help Us Spread The Word

If you like Open River or think it might be useful to others, share it far and wide!

Request a dataset

Is there something missing or interesting that would make our data selection more comprehensive? If so, you should contact us. We’ll do all we can to get it.

Keep Updated with Our Progress

Then you should read our latest news articles and case studies.